Studio 44 was founded in 2002 by a group of Stockholm-based artists, with the aim of creating an independent space for contemporary art. The room was bright, spacious and centrally located on Tjärhovsgatan in Stockholm. It became economically feasible to pursue a long-term artist-run gallery activities when Studio 44, in 2003 along with CFF (Centre for Photography), became members of "The Kapsylen economic association" that owns and manages the property. Since that time, CFF and Studio 44 have alternating exhibitions on the premises.

Association Studio 44 has changed over the years. Originally each member had an exhibition on a regular basis. Later a suvey was made. The majority of the members wanted a more open exhibitions program where also external exhibitors could appear. A group that would choose what was to be shown was formed. After a while it became obvious that it brought a lot of work to that group. An organizational structure was needed that could take care of all the various tasks within Studio 44. A group sat down to pin down areas of work and then divided the work into pieces that smaller groups are responsible for.

Studio 44 has changed and will continue to change according to members' needs.

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