Gallery: Pontus Raud - Project room: BYK Christina Göthesson and Anna Stina Erlandsson

Pontus Raud
Project room: 
BYK Christina Göthesson and Anna Stina Erlandsson
7 January - 23 January

Opening: Friday, January 7, at 17-21
Opening hours: Wed-Fri 12-18 Sat - Sun 12-16

BAR at 19

Tjärhovsgatan 44 B, 1 tr
116 28 Stockholm



Pontus Raud

"The Visitor"

Pastel Painting

Pontus Raud

Pontus Raud "Room #3204"

Room #3204, 2009, Oil Pastel, 167 x 133 cm

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Project Room


- a collaboration between the artists Christina Göthesson och Anna Stina Erlandsson.

In the project room at Studio 44, we present some first draft of a major "BYK" (in eng. laundry), which will be performed during 2011 - 2012.

BYK want to draw attention to something that is central in all our lives, but as usually happens in the shadows: How to highlight "byket" (eng. the laundry) can make us aware of ideas about time, origin, context and identity.

BYK asks questions about heritage and homeland. BYK dwell on thoughts of existence tends to rehearsals for something that is irreversible end, about the crimes of the past and the ongoing events.

BYK is also about nature's repetitions, cycles and wear.

BYK - Christina Göthesson och Anna Stina Erlandsson

Image: Anna Stina Erlandsson, Christina Göthesson

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