Gallery: Jenny *1910 †2006 - Project room: What do the cats do on the table?

*1910 †2006
Project room: 
What do the cats do on the table?
28 January - 6 February
Jenny *1910 †2006 Studio 44 Stockholm
Jenny *1910 †2006 Studio 44 Stockholm
Studio 44 Stockholm
Jenny *1910 †2006 Studio 44 Stockholm
Jenny *1910 †2006 Studio 44 Stockholm
Jenny *1910 †2006 Studio 44 Stockholm

Opening Friday 28 January at 17-21
Hours: Wed - Fri 12-18, Sat - Sun 12-16

BAR at 19


Tjärhovsgatan 44 B, 1 tr
116 28 Stockholm

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Jenny *1910 †2006

Jenny *1910 †2006  Med och av: Terese Bolander, Nanna de Wilde och Kristina Star

By: Terese Bolander, Nanna de Wilde and Christina Strong.

An exhibition based on an death estate.

"First, it is nothing then it is something then it's nothing again." Terese Bolander

"I feel a sadness at getting to know a man afterwards. A sadness that perhaps grows every subject I am familiar with. "Nanna de Wilde

"It becomes so clear that she existed, but also that she is dead." Kristina Stark

In autumn 2006, bought the artists Terese Bolander, Nanna de Wilde and Christina Stark an estate after a person unknown to them. With these objects because they have over three years looking for Jenny, the woman behind things. From different perspectives and with different methods they have tried to get Jenny to appear. They will visit an astrologer, and had set Jenny's horoscope, demonstrated her medications for a medical student and asked an ethnologist analyze her possessions.

All items in the estate have been documented and have become a portrait of a life. The artists have, through their own interpretations of the material was worked out his artwork depicting Jenny, works form three different entrances to her and the objects she owned when she died.
In June 2009 the estate was donated back to the same organization that it was purchased by.

Jenny *1910 †2006

Book Box Jenny * 1910 † 2006 released on "Satumaa*kustanamo" will be displayed throughout the exhibition.

For more information:
Nanna de Wilde, nannadewilde [at], 073-9863950
Terese Bolander, teres Bolander [at], 070-0435654
Kristina Stark, kristina.stark [at], 073-7331310

Project room

What do the cats do on the table?

A collaboration between kindergarten "Korken", Studio44 and twochange?

On show between January 28 to February 6
the work 'Bastet' in the Project room

Opening for children February 4
at 15:00 to 17:00

Video art for and with children

A project on children's representations of experiences of video art.
The children see the movie works, with their own material inside the cap and then presented the children's work with the movie in the Project room 4 to 6 February with the Children's opening on February 4.
Just as important as being able to read the alphabet as a child trained as children need to learn how to see the film / moving image based on their needs. It is currently considered important to start in nursery school, the films must be slow and easy to identify himself with to fit small children.

Preschool cap is working with the educational focus from Reggio Emilia.
In Room for Children at the Culture appears for a time three films twochange developed.
We hope this project will be appreciated by both children and adults.

BASTET 08.00/ loop/2008

Vad gör katterna på bordet?  Ett samarbete mellan Förskolan Korken, Studio44 och

BASTET av Alicja Rogalska 08.00/ loop/2008

A beautifully set table, which was left to wild cats in Alexandria to enjoy. It is a gift to the, in the ancient time sacred, animal - the cat.
As a metaphor, a comment about the human world's division into rich and poor, the greed and consumerism. Bastet was solgudinnan with cat head and protector of women in ancient Egypt.

Alicja Rogalska artist from Poland who lives and works in England. Her work includes site-specific public works, in collaboration with artists and non-artists such as photo, video, performance and installations.

twochange (Jannike Brantås och Carina Törnblom)

For information: Jannike Brantås,, 0709 18:46 24th

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